Beauty for a better life

By A. Jafri
Tue, 10, 19

On the occasion, Mehreen Syed said, "Since the past 3 years, my NGO ICare and L'Oreal Paris are working together for underprivileged women...


There is a lot more to beauty than what meets the eye. For some it may be the outward appearances, for others, it is skin deep. At the end of the day, embracing your true self radiates a natural beauty that cannot be diluted or ignored. In a world where everything is money-driven, it is refreshing to see that some companies have more to give the world than just their products. It could be their position to advocate for worthy causes, or the financial resources to help a community project succeed.

With the launch of the 'I Am Worth It' campaign, L'Oreal Paris brought to the forefront the issues women face in our society and what we as a society in its own capacity is doing to counter them. The presentation was held at the recently held Bridal Week in Lahore, led by the brand's spokesperson Mehreen Syed, highlighting issues such as dowry, women employment, domestic violence and women's education. The presentation also talked about the work the brand has done in partnership with IFAP & ICare since its launch in Pakistan.

On the occasion, Mehreen Syed said, "Since the past 3 years, my NGO ICare and L'Oreal Paris are working together for underprivileged women. This journey started from 10 girls in 2016, and today it has enabled 510 women from underprivileged socio-economic background to gain free of cost beauty training, employment opportunities and regain their self-esteem through the 'Beauty for a Better Life' programme. The 'I Am Worth It' campaign shows the brand's commitment to women's empowerment in Pakistan. And, we will continue to play our part."

Moreover, the brand's Managing Director, Junaid Murtaza, said, "Our association with the world's most glamorous fashion scene has been imperative. This year our spokespersons represented our ethos of 'Because you're Worth It' at the Bridal Week, and Paris Fashion week. Indeed, with our partnership with IFAP for the past three years, we have worked to elevate and empower women focusing on lifting their self-esteem, confidence and financial empowerment through free, top-quality beauty training programmes. Through our partnership with the PFDC this iteration, we look to drive this further."

The campaign also featured a bridal outfit from critically lauded designer Sadaf Fawad Khan of SFK Bridals. The dress would be auctioned off on the brand's Facebook page and the proceeds will be donated to IFAP. The segment then concluded with 65 graduates who have received beauty training at ICARE walking the ramp and were welcomed by the attendees with a standing ovation.

––A. Jafri