A thrilling ride!

By Adeela Akmal
Tue, 08, 18

Amusement parks are a popular form of entertainment found all around the world.....


Amusement parks are a popular form of entertainment found all around the world. Families often come here during weekends and holidays for some fun time or to celebrate events such as birthdays. They are a source of joy for people of all age groups. Everyone loves amusement parks and you do not have to be an adrenaline junkie to have gotten your tickets worth. The atmosphere, ambiance, and the sheer experience of spending a day in a fantasy land, far away from real life beats anything. However, most of these theme parks are outdoors and are really busy during warmer times of year.

There are very few places here that offer interesting activities indoor with amusement park fun year-round in a weatherproof, enclosed environment. A place that offers a handful of small rides, arcade games, and other features that would be better characterised as family entertainment centres. Recently, Pakistan’s first indoor interactive theme park, ‘Super Space’, held its grand launch in Karachi. The park is located inside Pavilion End Club which is situated on Rashid Minhas Road.

‘Super Space’ offers a wide range of entertainment for families and kids with exhilarating rides, interactive family-friendly attractions and unique live entertainment shows. It is one of a kind park in the city that uses state-of-the-art technology to truly create immersive environments and unforgettable experiences for all ages; a complete indoor recreational experience with family entertainment and some nostalgic games with some new cool additions. The facility features Laser Maze, Laser tag and VR games, a trampoline park, Haunted house and Mirror maze, Ninja Obstacle course, soft play area, monorail, Bumper cars, children’s rides and arcade games among many. One of the many intriguing aspects of the place is its ambiance. The park is designed on a space theme where the roof mimics the infinite black sky with numerous stars and planets shining through; and the placement of the lights look like a sleek spaceship.

Speaking about the grand launch of the theme park, the Managing Director, Mr. Ibrahim Shamsi, commented, “With Super Space, we wish to provide unique recreational facilities to the people of Karachi by engaging them in healthy activities. We provide facilities that are accessible, efficient and high quality to help foster active, engaged and healthy residents. We highly encourage all the families, both kids and adults alike, to come and spend some time here.”

The formal ribbon cutting ceremony was a start-studded one with VJ Faizan Haque serving as the official master of the ceremony. The launch event was attended by throngs of celebrities and people from the entertainment industry such as Bilal Ashraf, Minal Khan, Nadia Hussain, Hina Altaf and Noor Hasan. The celebs went around and mingled with the crowd while also taking part in various fun-filled activities, going on the rides and playing the numerous games the space had to offer. It was an amalgamation of thrill, entertainment and pure joy.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on down with your friends and family, and have a jolly good time!

— Adeela Akmal