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Fri, 08, 22

I don’t want to study something I am not interested in. What should I do? I am very confused and stressed at the same time....


Biology is not my cup of tea

Salam Guru,

I am a 17-year-old pre-medical student. I belong to a middle-class family. I am a regular reader of Us magazine, and enjoy reading it every week. I really like your column. I am studying in one of the prestigious colleges of the city, and have recently been promoted to 12th grade.

Guru, my problem is that although I am a pre-medical student, I don’t like studying Biology. I wanted to do pre-engineering because I love Maths and am naturally good at it, but my brother and sister forced me to study Biology instead of Maths. I am studying half-heartedly and am very upset.

My family thinks girls should become doctors because engineering is a male-dominated field. Guru, I want to change my subjects and switch to pre-engineering. Can I do that? I don’t want to study something I am not interested in. What should I do? I am very confused and stressed at the same time.

Irritated Girl

Dear Irritated Girl,

It is sad that an exciting and interesting field like engineering is still considered a male-dominated profession. According to the latest stats, women are still underrepresented in this field. Over the past few years, a growing number of Pakistani females have entered the fields of STEM, but there are families that still don’t allow their daughters to study engineering.

I suggest you study what you are naturally good at. Talk to your parents and persuade them to let you switch to pre-engineering. Don’t get influenced by your siblings because you have the right to study what you want. Find out if you are allowed to take the Maths exam for 11 grade along with your 12 grade exams so as not to waste a year. However, you are only 17 and even if you have to repeat 11th class, it’s ok as long as you are studying your favourite subjects. Good luck!

I am not earning much

Salam Guru,

I really like your practical approach to problem-solving. I am a commerce graduate belonging to a middle-class family. I am married and have five children. I am the only one who earns.

The issue is that I have been working in a private organisation for 18 years and even though I am hard-working, I am still at a junior level and don’t earn much.

Guru, in these times of inflation, it has become very difficult for me to meet the expenses of my family. I want to generate extra income to support my family, but don’t know how. Can you please guide me in this regard?

Hopeful Z

Dear Hopeful Z,

I can well imagine your dilemma. Unfortunately, there are hundreds and thousands of people like you who are facing financial problems due to inflation. If it is possible for you, try to get another degree in order to increase your chances of promotion. Talk to your bosses and show your willingness to do MBA while on the job. You can take admission in evening/weekend classes. Find out if your organisation can sponsor your education. You need to be persistent and persuade your office management that you will be more useful to them once you are done with your MBA. Or you can enroll in short courses online that are relevant to your field.

You can give home tuitions or freelance at your convenience. Also, if your wife is educated and is willing to augment your income, she can do something to financially support the family. The cost of living is so high that it is very difficult for one person to run a house singlehandedly. Sit with your wife and discuss the possibilities. If she cooks well, then she can start her own food business and can take orders from home.

If you are living in your own house, then you can give a portion of your house on rent so that you can get some extra income out of it. Good luck!

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