By S. K
Fri, 01, 22

This Korean poem was translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Anne Rashid...


Poems forever

By the Winter River

By Ahn Do-hyun

The river

took pity on the delicate snowflakes,

which jumped down into none other than the river water

and disappeared, melting shapelessly.

So, it tossed and turned,

to change its posture

before the snowflakes hit its water.

Every time it turned, the river water made a fierce sound.


the innocent snow fell endlessly,

and the river,

from the night before,

began to form thin ice, starting from its edge,

in order to save the snow with its own body.

-This Korean poem was translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Anne Rashid

Words I write

By Ali Asghar Ghani

My poems are colourblind

As they speak only of darkness

Why they say?

Words I write carry corpses of

emotions murdered by depression

Through my words I hold depression

accountable for its crimes


depression is an introvert organism

consume slowly, fearful to be exposed

My words protect me from depression

They are my

antidepressant pills, twinkling stars,

shining armour against the illegal immigrant


By Maryam Shah

It’s not the face

neither the body

nor the gender

It isn’t about the bank balance

or the property

neither a sporty car

nor a lavish house

It’s something abstract

neither visible

nor touchable

It’s in the soul

something which can only be felt

hidden under covers

no ordinary can see

Tools can’t measure

no judge can rank

the words can’t describe

To look at it

it needs to be

in the eye

of the beholder

It requires to be felt

by the heart and seen

through the soul.

Ride 2021

By Nazish Sabir

The year was a journey of loss and gain,

Was a struggle to maintain and regain,

Things that mattered and that were needed to attain,

The year was a blessing indeed regardless of strains,

An expedition to self-discovery and knowing more about God,

A trip to places in search of God;

From visiting my mind to the silence in chaos,

A journey worthy to be remembered,

Of course!

Compiled by SK