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Fri, 10, 21

That’s, by the way, another way of Saying I would love to read more light and funny articles in Us....



Hi Ed,

In the last week’s edition, I read ‘Let’s feel pretty’ and thought that the point about laughter was spot on. We take things very seriously, even those said in jest. People are so ready to take offence! We all should smile and laugh more often for the sake of our mental health, especially in this era of Covid 19. That’s, by the way, another way of Saying I would love to read more light and funny articles in Us.

Sadia Baig, Karachi

Hi Ed,

‘Pictorial’ on dried floral arrangements (October 1) gave me few idea and I had some really good time coming up with variations of mine. I think it set my creative energy on overdrive and my mother had to scold me when I forgot coming to the table for lunch! The cover story ‘Dealing with the ‘I’m sorry syndrome’ was good, too. Keep it up!

Anita Ali, Lahore

Hello Editor,


I wanted to write this letter about two weeks back, but then became so busy that I left it. So now, here I am, quite late but then isn’t it better to be late than never? I was blown over by ‘Was it love’ by Amna Rashid (September 17 issue). It was poignant but at the same time had an element of cynicism that I found disturbing. Young people should have more hope and optimism and they don’t have these things is a reflection on our society. The decline of moral fiber is responsible for this state of affairs. When I was young, I had a life that was so stress free. I feel depressed when I see my grandchildren stressed so much. Things are good when you keep them simple. Things are better when you enjoy things that are simple. I would like to advise the youth reading this letter to guard their conscience, so Amna does not have to write a dirge on love.

My grandchildren read Us regularly, and some of them are college and university students. I want them to be happy, which is only possible if all the young people, who are our future, get rid of angst and greed. I am hopeful about overcoming the problems we all are facing. Hopefully, young writers will have no need to be so sad and pessimistic.

An old grandmother



Narrated Al-Bara’

bin ‘Azib: (R.A)

Allah’s Apostle (SAW) ordered us to do seven things and forbade us to do other seven. He ordered us: to follow the funeral procession. to visit the sick, to accept invitations, to help the oppressed, to fulfill the oaths, to return the greeting and to reply to the sneezer: (saying, “May Allah be merciful on you,” provided the sneezer says, “All the praises are for Allah,”). He forbade us to use silver utensils and dishes and to wear golden rings, silk (clothes), Dibaj (pure silk cloth), Qissi and Istabraq (two kinds of silk cloths).

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 23, Number 331


Lubna Khalid


Shermeen Zuberi

Tooba Ghani

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