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Fri, 05, 21

When Kashmir was completely shut down and Kashmiris were being persecuted by the Indian government, nobody spoke for them and nobody collected funds to ease their sufferings....

Dear Ed,

‘Protecting the unprotected’ by SZ was really thought-provoking. The thing is that even if we want to help animals, we are prevented by our own kin. ‘Don’t give milk to the cat; it would never go away’ is the mantra I have grown up with. I do understand the reason behind it, but what to do if we see an animal looking hungry? By the time the people from organisations like ‘Save Our Strays’ are notified and they appear the animal may go away elsewhere. It’s a moral dilemma. I guess the compromise would be to feed the animal and then notify the concerned people for, according to Mustafa Ahmed, the animal would become friendly and would be back for more and when it does, the people from animal rescue organisations can take it on from there, right?

A concerned youth

Dear Ed,

Maleeha Durrani wrote a beautiful story! Though it was painful to read the ending. Such stories highlight social ills present in our society and make readers think about the solutions. The worse thing is that child labour is encouraged by educated people living in posh areas of our country.

I would suggest we all should ask people around us to not hire children and if we intend to help them in some way, we should make sure that they see their families regularly and work for few hours only.

Thank you, Maleeha for writing such a thought-provoking story!

Beena Nisar, Islamabad

Hello Ed,

I wanted to share my thoughts regarding Covid in India: how touching it is to see people in Pakistan and Muslims around the world posting supportive messages on social media for India. And not just messages, fund raising campaigns, such as, Help India breathe, are also being launched to take practical actions. This is how the world should come together in dark times and help each other.

But there is another thing that makes me feel sad. When Kashmir was completely shut down and Kashmiris were being persecuted by the Indian government, nobody spoke for them and nobody collected funds to ease their sufferings. I hope the world understands this and stands against the violence caused by the humans.

Farhat Syed, Peshawar


Narrated Anas bin Malik (R.A):

The Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) fell down from a horse and his right side was grazed. We went to him to inquire after his health when the time of prayer came. He led us in prayer in a sitting posture and we said prayer behind him sitting, and when he finished the prayer he said: The Imam is appointed only to be followed; so when he recites takbir, you should also recite that; when he prostrates, you should also prostrate; when he rises up, you should also rise up, and when he said “God listens to him who praises Him,” you should say: “Our Lord, to Thee be the praise,” and when he prays sitting, all of you should pray sitting.

Sahih Muslim Book 4, Number 0817


Lubna Khalid


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