By Nabeeha Khurram
Fri, 07, 20

My father loves the tea I make for him, so on Sundays, I treat him to tea made by me.....


It was a bright sunny Sunday morning; the birds were chirping and the wind seemed to carry a melodious tune. I was feeling hungry, so I decided to go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Preparing breakfast for my family has become my routine as I like the compliments I get for my culinary skills from my family. My father loves the tea I make for him, so on Sundays, I treat him to tea made by me.

Oreo, my cat, was asleep, but as I headed out of my room to go the kitchen, she woke up and followed me downstairs. She wanted me to stroke her, but I was busy so I casually ignored her. After I got done, I looked around for Oreo, but she was not in the kitchen. I realized that the door was open and she might have gone to explore the sunny day outside; I know she loves to chase butterflies in the garden, and roam around. I rushed to get her from the garden, since we are not allowed to keep pets in our neighborhood.

The area is vigilantly monitored through CCTV cameras. I was worried that if someone saw Oreo they would either catch her and dispose her, and even fine my parents for keeping her. I went to the garden and saw that she was playing happily. I did not want to disturb her and take her out of her mini heaven but I had to do it to save her life.

I asked my parents what to do and they said, “Darling, do not disturb her and let her play. No one will see her as everyone is probably still asleep as it’s still early morning, and that too on a Sunday.” They further told me that she would scratch me if I forced her to come back upstairs. I pondered over what my parents had told me, but I was still anxious.

I kept thinking about what would happen if someone found about my years of cherished secret. I then decided that to get her from the garden to prevent my secret from getting out. so that no one will notice her and my life will be saved, no one will punish us and we will be saved from them and their torture.

I went to bring her in. I told her nicely to come inside but she paid no heed to me. Then I decided to pick her up against her will, and I did, But I ended up being badly scratched by her. I obviously regretted not listening to my parents.

But the incident taught me one lesson: animals are free creatures and we should not force them to do what we want, as this would only make them behave in an aggressive manner. I applied some cream on the wound and put some bandage on it so that it would heal quickly. Not a big price for a valuable lesson.