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My issue is that M likes me a lot but she is afraid of indulging in a romantic relationship.....

How can I convince her?

Hi Guru,

I am a doctor. I really like my friend, M. We have been friends since two years. These days M is doing house job at a government hospital in Karachi. I am really inspired by her way of thinking. She is a very kind hearted person and wants to help sick and old people.

My issue is that M likes me a lot but she is afraid of indulging in a romantic relationship. Actually, she was cheated by a guy in the past and since then she has become very careful. She now thinks that all men are cheaters. She has told me that she does not want to get hurt again. Guru, how can I convince her that I am not a typical man and I am not one of those who run away? I am very serious about her. Please suggest me something.


Dear MM,

They say action speaks louder than words; if you are really interested in M, then why are you trying so hard to persuade her? Is it necessary for you to have an affair with her? You are well-settled and I guess you are in a position to get married easily. What are you waiting for? Prove it that you are not like other men by sending your family to her house with a proposal. I am sure she will have no reason then to reject you or your love. Good luck!

Will she be mine?

Dear Guru,

I am a college going boy, studying in 1st year commerce. I am a bright student. I am also one of the biggest fans of Us magazine and wait anxiously for latest updates every week. Currently, I am facing a huge problem. I am in love with a very beautiful girl who is studying in our college. The issue is she is senior to me. I haven’t disclosed my feelings to her. I want to tell her I love her but somehow I don’t have the guts to do that. I am very tensed as she is going to leave the college after her exams. Guru, please suggest me something. I am going crazy. How can I approach her? Do you have any tips for me?

A Resident of KV Malir

Dear Resident of KV Malir,

The girl you are apparently in love with is actually your infatuation. At your age, teenagers do have crushes and it’s no big deal. You are attracted to this girl because she is beautiful. You haven’t talked to her so you have no idea whether she likes you or not. My dear, I suggest you to forget about her. It’s in your best of interest. Think logically, you are just a student and she is already a year senior to you. It will take you at least 10 more years to build your future. Do you think she will wait for you for so long? And there is a strong possibility that she may like someone else. So, it’s much better if you concentrate on your studies and stop dreaming about her. Good luck!

I am confused

Salam Guru,

I am a 17-year-old guy. I am a student of class X. Since I am a bright student, I want to join Civil Service and have plans to do CSS after my graduation. But I am confused whether to choose Science or Humanities after my matriculation. My colleagues, friends and family members are advising me to choose Science because it is in demand. On the other hand, my heart is fully into Arts. I have already decided to opt for International Relations, Public Administration and History in CSS which are basically Arts subjects. Similarly, if I choose Arts, I will get time to cover up compulsory subjects of CSS simultaneously. Please Guru, guide me what field should I choose?

Puzzled Student

Dear Puzzled Student,

As a rule of thumb, one should do what one is good at. I think you must pursue what you are interested in. If you want to do CSS then it’s better if you choose Arts subjects. Well, anyone can appear in CSS exams, whether he/she is a science graduate or simple graduate. Even doctors and engineers go for CSS exams. Since you have made up your mind, you must stick to your decision. Don’t take everyone’s advice otherwise you will get confused. People will talk in any case, you just do what your heart says. Be focused. Good luck!

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