Future defenders

By US Desk
Fri, 09, 19

Us caught up with a young army officer to find out what it takes to become a cadet of Pakistan Army… Read on and find out!


What is the minimum qualification for applying to Army as a cadet?

The minimum qualification depends upon the career path. There is PMA Long Course, Technical Graduate Course and Integrated Course. These require different levels of education. Since PMA Long Course is a preferred entry point in Army, it requires Intermediate or equivalent qualification with a minimum 60 percent marks.

What sort of physical fitness is required for a recruit?

Initially a candidate is required to run one mile in eight minutes and some pushups and chin ups to proceed for ISSB. Adequate fitness to undergo cardio and aerobic exercises along with complete medical tests are required at ISSB for final selection. After selection, fitness comes as a part of training.

How should an aspiring youth prepare for Army’s selection exam?

Preparation for selection exam entails improving communication skills, enhancing general knowledge and developing aptitude for hardship.

Can you tell us a little about the routine life of a new recruit?

Intense physical training, moral and ethical grooming, inculcating discipline, introducing to basic military aspects and ability to sustain under all odds make up the routine life of a new recruit.

How many fields/choices are there in Army as in different domains... engineering, medicine, etc?

Pakistan Army is the largest workforce of engineers, doctors and professional soldiers. Army, therefore, inducts subject specialists, electrical, mechanical, chemical, telecom, software and civil engineers, doctors, psychologists, veterinarians and also plain graduates.

What is the scope of women in Army?

Women are now becoming a vibrant part of military and even getting promoted to the rank of Major General. However, combat roles are restricted for women and they are inductee in almost all other supporting arms becoming doctors, engineers, psychologists and instructors, etc.

Do women undergo same training?

Women undergo intense military training, but its duration is six months. The training pattern is nearly same as males’ training with few exceptions such as small differences in physical fitness standards required for male and female candidates.