Things I wish I could tell my younger self

By Amna Ameer
Fri, 08, 18

Relax, it gets better. It might be a bad day. You may have too many things to do....


Relax, it gets better. It might be a bad day. You may have too many things to do. The pressure of perfection might be suffocating you. You may not know how to handle the stress. Just stop everything and breathe. Sooner or later you’ll figure out the right way to handle things. So just let be and notice the smaller things that make everything more bearable. Like sunlight flickering into your room, the wind blowing softly, a rhythm playing inside your mind. You will soon find the right answers.

Let go. Your friends might abandon you; they may move on. Let go of people who have stopped helping you grow. There might be people who aren’t good for your mental health. As tempting as it may seem, if they aren’t there for you when you need them the most there is no point in pursuing them. It doesn’t mean you grow bitter or hold grudges. It only means that you’ve learnt to let go. You’ve learnt to conserve your energy to bring positivity in your life, and made room for growth.

Embrace your feelings. There will be times when you’ll be made to feel ashamed of how you feel about something in your life; get rid of that feeling. There is nothing wrong with being true to yourself. And there’s absolutely no reason why you should hide your feelings, thoughts or opinions even if it’s hard for others to accept. All you have to do is learn the art of making your voice heard. And never ever doubt the voice inside your heart. You always know what the right thing to do is. If you notice negating yourself in something you think could essentially be right but just not convenient, take the harder way. Try to do whatever you do the honest way.

Be kind. You won’t always be treated the way you treat others, but be kind, anyway. Show gratitude and humility whenever you can. You never know when the good vibes that you give off into the world might come back to you as assistance in very trying times. So never underestimate the power of doing good deeds. It pays off.

You’ll get there, even if not today, then someday. If you work hard, one day you may strike lucky and achieve whatever you aspire for, as long as your intentions are pure. I know, some days are awful, but believe me when I say there will also be days that will make you feel so grateful for being alive. You’ll feel your heart become softer with happiness and gratitude.

Take all the struggles and wear them as badges on your chest to show how far you’ve come. Your wounds - whether visible or invisible - will build your character and help you connect with people in ways that are unfathomable to physical existence. This will help you traverse uncharted worlds of self-discovery. So grow and become the best version of yourself each day.