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I am concerned that if I don’t make a decision now, someone in my family might take my savings. Should I make a practical investment or simply splurge on something I love?


How should I invest my savings?

Dear Guru,

I am a 24-year-old recent university graduate who has managed to save up approximately five lac rupees through private math tuition and motorcycle resale side hustle over the past five years. Now that I have finished university, I am wondering how I should spend this money wisely.

One of my interests is traveling, but unfortunately, many of my friends are either occupied with other commitments or don’t have money for travelling. Considering this, I am thinking of purchasing a second-hand car. However, I am aware that finding a reliable car in good condition within my budget might be challenging.

Also, I am concerned that if I don’t make a decision now, someone in my family might take my savings. Should I make a practical investment or simply splurge on something I love?

Lost Investor

Dear Lost Investor,

Given the circumstances, it might be beneficial to invest in yourself and your personal growth. Consider buying books that align with your interests or skills you want to develop. Explore your own city and nearby places, such as Gwadar, Kund Malir, and Gorakh Hills if you’re in Karachi. These experiences, though local, can be enriching and offer valuable insights.

Additionally, look into short courses or training programs offered by different universities during summer/winter breaks or evenings. This could enhance your skills and knowledge in your field, providing a potential long-term benefit.

Another worthwhile consideration is giving back to the community. Research reputable welfare organizations or orphanages and contribute a portion of your earnings to support the education and well-being of underprivileged children. Investing in a motorbike could facilitate your movement around the city and make your activities more accessible.

Remember to set some amount for personal enjoyment and experiences. Spend time with friends, try new places to eat, and consider sharing some of your earnings with your family.

Lastly, since you have experience in providing private tuitions, think about setting up a small home-based tutoring setup. Renovate a room, get a few chairs, a projector, and a whiteboard to create a suitable learning environment. Capitalize on your teaching skills and start small. Good luck!

How should I convey my intentions clearly?

Dear Guru,

There’s a colleague in my office I am friends with. She sits next to me, so we share our thoughts on various topics. She seems to think I am interested in her and recently invited me to dinner. I declined the invitation, but she hasn’t got my message, and talks to me in a way that makes me uncomfortable. I want to maintain a professional relationship, and want to make it clear that my interactions with her should stay on a professional level.

Guru, how can I convey my intentions clearly without causing any tension in the office?

Guy in Trouble

Dear Guy in Trouble,

A straightforward and polite yet affirmative “No” is the best approach in your case. Just tell her that you consider her only a good friend and colleague. This way you will be able to convey that you don’t want to bond with her on a personal level.

If there is a concern about potential repercussions, don’t let fear dictate your actions. Remember that you deserve to work in an environment where respect and professionalism are upheld. If standing up for yourself and setting boundaries leads to any negative consequences, it might be an indication that the workplace culture is not healthy. Be polite and respectful so as not to offend or humiliate her, but don’t let the fear of losing you job dictate your actions. Be brave, and know that standing up for yourself is a sign of strength, not weakness. Hopefully, she will get the message and leave you alone

Good luck!

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