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Abdullah Siddiqui gears up to release new album

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Mon, 09, 19

If there is one good news that we can always rely upon, it is the number of wonder kids working in music – across the board. One such artist, nominated at multiple award ceremonies, is Abdullah Siddiqui, a singer-songwriter, and music producer based out of Lahore.

Siddiqui is all set to release his album, Metannoya, on September 20 of this year. While the album, according to Abdullah, will not contain songs like ‘Fiction’ and ‘Resistance’ – “because they weren’t part of an album; they were just separate singles” – the record contains a total of eight songs. As part of promoting strategy, Abdullah has unveiled a collaborative track with Faris Shafi, a fierce giant of a single called ‘Prosaic’. He has also released a gorgeous song called ‘Terrified’ – both from the album.

“The third single is called ‘Diamond & Dynamite’, which just came out.”

All three are available on digital platforms with ‘Prosaic’ blowing up as the single to hear.

Metannoya will be available on Patari exclusively followed by appearance on other digital platforms. “This time,” said Abdullah, “each song was released 2-3 weeks after the other in order to build up hype for the album.”