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Black Panther director pens letter of gratitude

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By Instep Desk
Thu, 02, 18

We know that Black Panther, has smashed all sorts of records to become the number one film in the world.

As Marvel’s latest film smashes box office records across the globe, the film’s director pens an emotional letter to the fans and the press.

We know that Black Panther, has smashed all sorts of records to become the number one film in the world.

But it’s not just fans or critics who are blown away by the film. This past Monday, former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama came out in support of the film, saying: “I loved this movie. Because of you, young people will finally see superheroes that look like them on the big screen.”

Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman also called the film’s success “incredibly meaningful”.

As numbers go, the film raked in 242 million dollars in the United States alone and another 427 million dollars worldwide and in doing has created many records.

As Vanity Fair noted in a recent piece, “The Vibranium-powered movie had the fifth-highest opening for a film ever, a record it hit within its first three days by notching a smooth $201.8 million. It’s the third-highest gross in history for a four-day opening weekend, according to Box Office Mojo. It’s also the highest opening of all time for a film in February, as well as a film released over President’s Day weekend, handily crushing the $152 million record previously set by Deadpool. Black Panther has the second-highest haul for a Sunday pulling in a cool $60 million, and it’s also etched its way into Marvel history by earning $25.2 million in Thursday night previews, making it the second-highest preview gross in the studio’s history; the film was narrowly beat out by Avengers: Age of Ultron, which earned $27.6 million. Black Panther has the second-highest three-day domestic opening haul for a Marvel film overall, edged out by the first Avengers film, which made $207.4 million.”

Though Marvel Studios, after 17 films and a decade in the business understand what makes a superhero film work, the response to Black Panther is stronger than the studio anticipated.

As the film continues to rule the box office (in Pakistan) and other territories, Black Panther director Ryan Coogler has penned a letter of gratitude to the fans, the press and pretty much everyone who supported this incredible film. Released on Marvel Entertainment’s official Twitter account, the letter stated: “I’m struggling to find the words to express my gratitude at this moment, but I will try Filmmaking is a team sport. And our team was made up [of] amazing people from all over the world who believe in this story. Deep down we all hoped that people would come to see a film about a fictional country on the continent of Africa, made up of a cast of people of African descent.

Never in a million years did we imagine that you all would come out this strong. It still humbles me to think that people care enough to spend their money and time watching our film- But to see people of all backgrounds wearing clothing that celebrates their heritage, taking pictures next to our posters with their friends and family, and sometimes dancing in the lobbies of theaters– often moved me and my wife to tears.

For the people who bought out theaters, who posted on social about how lit the film would be, bragged about our awesome cast, picked out outfits to wear, and who stood in line in theaters all over the world– all before seeing the film…

To the press who wrote about the film for folks who hadn’t yet seen it, and encouraged audiences to come out…

And to the young ones, who came out with their parents, with their mentors, and with their friends…

Thank you for giving our team of filmmakers the greatest gift: The opportunity to share this film, that we poured our hearts and souls into, with you.”