Thursday September 29, 2022

VIDEO: Who will win kabaddi contest between Hasan and Shadab? predicts Fawad Alam

“How does Fawad Alam feel about getting paid while doing nothing?” asks Tabish Hashmi

By Web Desk
August 15, 2022

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s eminent cricketer Fawad Alam on Sunday predicted the winner of a kabaddi match if a contest is staged between Hasan Ali and Shadab Khan.

A day earlier, Fawad Alam and tennis star Aisam-ul-Haq were invited to Geo News programme “Hasna Mana Hai”.

When asked who will win the Kabaddi contest between Hasan Ali and Shadab Khan, Fawad Alam, on a lighter note, said, “Hasso [Hassan Ali] will win the contest easily.”

During the show, the host, Tabish Hashmi, said that you (Fawad Alam) was a part of the Pakistani squad selected for the Rawalpindi Test but you did not play even a single delivery nor catch a ball but were paid full salary. It happened for the first time in 28 years, he said and asked: “How did Fawad Alam feel about getting paid while doing nothing?”

In response, Fawad posed another question to the host, “How will you feel?”

Tabish replied that it would be a lot of fun.

At this, Fawad stood up, while laughing and shook hands with the host.