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Charlie Puth explains the true inspiration behind new album

Charlie Puth highlights the real reason ‘revenge and anger’ became a major inspiration for his new album

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February 13, 2022
Charlie Puth explains the true inspiration behind new album
Charlie Puth explains the true inspiration behind new album

Charlie Puth recently shed light on the emotion that’s been dominating his new album.

The singer detailed his inspiration during a candid chat with Insider and started it all off by trying to explain what he considers a ‘key definer’ for the entire experience.

In Puth’s eyes, “The one word that comes to mind when I think about this album in the beginning when I was making it, was 'revenge'."

While reminiscing over his emotions during the time of production and added, "I was mostly, I guess, angry."

"You know when someone cuts you off in traffic and they speed ahead of you and you obviously shouldn't do anything because it's dangerous, but you start to think in your mind, 'Oh, if they pulled up next to me, I would've flipped them off, and I would've said this and that?' It was basically a year of that."

"'Why is this song not resonating with people? Why did this relationship not work out?' It was a lot of that," Puth went on to explain.

"I was coming to terms with who I was for the first time in five years. And that's what I realized at the end of the album, and while I was making 'Light Switch.'"

Despite the emotions associated with its creation, Puth admitted, "It felt special to me because it's the most polarizing record I've ever made. It's unusually fast. It sounds like nothing I've ever made before."

Newer songs Puth has been putting his energy into, are ones he admits to feeling ‘a lot more connected to.’

“The difference is I'm not trying to be so cool. I'm not trying to pretend," explained.

"I'm not pretending to be the cool kid with the overly minimalistic, bare-sounding records that work for other artists, but didn't necessarily work for me."

"My music thrives when it's filled with layers and six different piano tracks, which is what I've illustrated on my YouTube channel and my TikTok or whatever, wherever you find my weird [expletive] poking around on the internet."