Why Chrissy Teigen posts 'ugly' photos on Instagram

Chrissy Teigen takes to Instagram to explain her thought process behind not posting 'perfect' photos

By Web Desk
September 28, 2021
Why Chrissy Teigen posts ugly photos on Instagram

Chrissy Teigen is wearing her heart on her sleeve and spilled why she does not care to post "flattering" images on Instagram.

Taking to the photo and video sharing platform, the Cravings author penned a lengthy note saying that she simply "does not care" about sharing perfect photos.

"I really think you guys are too conditioned to seeing perfect photos all day because so many of my comments on any given photo are why would she post this... to which I say, who cares??" she began.

"A lot of the time, makeup artists and hair stylists will ask if photos are good enough to post and my reply is always the same: I honestly don’t care. post whatever.

"I dunno. I just don’t care about curating my Instagram to be perfection. Im a mess, I’m chaotic and this shall always reflect that, thank u!! Love, a Sagittarius," the mom-of-two concluded.