Wednesday September 22, 2021

David Rose denies allegations of taking money to set up Akbar, Moussavi's meeting

Moussavi had said that Rose demanded a commission in exchange to arrange a meeting between him and PM's aide Shahzad Akbar
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February 16, 2021
Daily Mail journalist David Rose. — File photo

British journalist David Rose has rubbished Broadsheet LLC CEO Kaveh Moussavi's allegations that he sought a commission from him to set up a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s accountability advisor Shahzad Akbar.

Moussavi had said that Rose demanded a commission in exchange for arranging a meeting between him and Akbar.

"I cannot imagine why would Kaveh make the details of the meeting public after 17 months," he said, adding that the Broadsheet's chief executive had offered him a commission, however, he had rejected it.

Moreover, he said Moussavi had asked him for a million pounds in exchange for information that would help him in the defamation case against Shahbaz Sharif.

A day earlier, in an interview, Moussavi said that his first meeting in London with Akbar was organised by Rose who wanted Broadsheet to pay him a commission of £250,000 to settle his outstanding mortgage on his Oxford home in exchange for getting nearly $30 million paid to Broadsheet by the Government of Pakistan.

Moussavi said that not only did David Rose organise his meeting with Akbar, but also participated in it at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington on October 19, 2019, and attempted to find ways for Pakistan and Moussavi to work together.

David Rose had never before spoken about the fact that he played a key role in organising the meeting.