Friday September 24, 2021

#TelegramTips: Messaging app reminds users of 'Group' features

Telegram often shares tips for people who use the app to secure their communication
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February 15, 2021
Adem AY/Unsplash/via The News

Telegram has once again reminded its loyal users of the 'Group' features in the instant messaging app, noting that each group "can hold anywhere from two to 200,000 people".

Read about Telegram's treat on Valentine's Day below!

Telegram often shares tips for the people who use the cross-platform, cloud-based app to secure their communication and ensure no one can eavesdrop on their conversations.

In the latest tip shared on its Twitter account, Telegram said users may "tap to jump between threaded replies, include someone with an @ mention, and start a poll to see what’s popular".

A day prior, the messaging app revealed a Valentine's Day treat for users, introducing stickers "featuring your favourite cephalopod and more".

All users need to do is go to the "Trending Tab" (+) of the sticker panel.

Telegram has shared a video of how to do this, with the post accompanied by a GIF of "Handsome Squidward" blowing kisses.