Saturday September 25, 2021

Tripadvisor, 104 other apps banned in China

China takes down apps that it believes spread obscene, pornographic, violent, and bloody content
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December 10, 2020
The logo for a travel website company TripAdvisor is shown in this illustration photo. — Tripadvisor

Launching a new campaign to remove what China believes is obscene, pornographic, violent, and bloody content, the country has taken down TripAdvisor and 104 apps  from its app stores. 

"Since November 5, a special rectification of mobile application information content chaos has been organised," said the Cyberspace Administration of China in a statement on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, it said that eight app stores, including speed downloads, 7755 app, New Vision, Win Home, Pippi Bus, 7230 Mobile Games, Software Emperor, and dmfuns were stopped as they did comply with review regulations or allowing the download of illegal content.

"The Cyberspace Administration of China will continue to promote the rectification of mobile applications [...] promptly clean up and dispose of illegal and illegal mobile applications and application stores, and strive to create a clean cyberspace," it added.