Thursday June 13, 2024

Elon Musk's X unveils TV app

Tesla CEO's platform aims to enter world of streaming

By Web Desk
April 25, 2024
X by Elon Musk will now be on TV. — Unsplash/File
X by Elon Musk will now be on TV. — Unsplash/File

Elon Musk's X revealed an app for smart TVs this week, bringing the social media platform into the streaming space.

On Tuesday, X unveiled features that would be recognisable to users of other video applications such as YouTube. 

These features include trending videos, cross-platform smartphone compatibility, and algorithmically generated suggestions, according to The Washington Times.

Linda Yaccarino, X CEO leading the charge to promote the new app, said in a post: "From the small screen to the big screen, X is changing everything. Soon we’ll bring real-time, engaging content to your smart TVs with the X TV App," she wrote. 

"This will be your go-to companion for a high-quality, immersive entertainment experience on a larger screen."

In addition, Yaccarino's tweet included a sneak peek at the user interface of the app, which included thumbnails for a number of videos, such as Tucker Carlson's conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin and a SpaceX rocket launch.

A component of the platform's strategy to rule the internet video business is the X TV app. 

According to Musk, video material is a top focus for X, and he has enlisted the help of numerous well-known content producers to upload their work straight to X.

In addition to securing an exclusive contract with Carlson, Musk managed to arrange accommodations for Don Lemon and Tulsi Gabbard. Lemon's show was cancelled by the 52-year-old billionaire following a heated initial interview.