Thursday October 28, 2021

WATCH: Modi annoyed after getting brutally rejected by a wise parrot

India's Narendra Modi was on a two-day visit to Gujarat when he faced rejection from the exotic bird

By Web Desk
November 01, 2020
Twitter/RR (@RakshaRamaiah)/Screenshot via The News

Parrots are said to be some of the smartest birds, often seen mimicking humans and picking up phrases used in daily life to repeat them later at inopportune moments.

Similarly, a macaw has shot to fame on the internet for repeatedly and embarrassingly rejecting the advances of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the town of Kevadia during the Hindu nationalist leader's two-day visit to the Gujarat state.

A few seconds later, Modi, bitter at the bird for not being a good sport, turns away before a park staff member tries to get the macaw back to the Indian premier's arm.

The indignant parrot once again rebuffs Modi, much to everyone's surprise.

The video was shared by social media head of the Indian National Congress' youth wing, Raksha Ramaiah, who wrote: "Anti-national birdie. How dare it?"

One user commented how Modi looked like a "proper 5yo about to throw a tantrum".