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Prince William is in 'no rush' to take on the throne ahead of Prince Charles

Royal insiders touch upon Prince William’s future and his intentions towards taking the British throne

By Web Desk
July 09, 2020
Prince William is in 'no rush' to take on the throne ahead of Prince Charles

Prince William warmed his way into the hearts of the British people soon after his birth and with the Queen’s age in mind, many royal onlookers and fans are hoping for him to take up the British throne before his father Prince Charles.

In order to shed light on Prince William’s true thoughts regarding the matter, royal expert and True Royalty TV co-founder Nick Bullen spoke about the possibility claiming, that Prince William is in “no rush to be the king” by bypassing his father Prince Charles in any way.

In his interview with Fox News, Bullen spoke about his upcoming documentary Prince William: A Monarch in the Making based on the life of the royal.

Bullen stated, “We were being told that William ‘was very much stepping up in his role as a more senior member of the royal family in many ways, in terms of his public profile and what he was doing.’ The word that was used was ‘his monarchy manifesto,’ which I quite like. It’s… an idea of what sort of king he’s going to be.”

With Prince William’s fans eager to see him take up the throne, many have announced their desire for him to bypass his father in the line of succession. However, the True Royalty TV’s founder assures the masses that will never happen. “You can say it as much as you like, but it’s never going to happen. When the queen very sadly dies, Prince Charles will be the king. There is no discussion. That’s what the queen wants. That’s what the Prince of Wales wants. And I know that’s what William wants. And you know, William is in no rush to be the king.”

He went on to say, “Here’s the weird thing that you have with the royals, and I’ve spoken to the Prince of Wales about this — to get the top job, you’re essentially wishing your parent or grandparent to be dead. You know it’s coming, you know this job will come eventually, but you’re in no rush to get that job.”

“For Charles to be king, his mother will have to die. So for William to be king, his father would have to die. Nobody wants that. It’ll happen in due course and William is in no rush for it. So it’s the queen, the Prince of Wales and then William — that’s the order.”

What makes the prince unique is his desire to put duty ahead of personal agendas. “He’s a very 21st-century royal [but] he’s clearly learned a lot from his father and he’s been coached by his grandmother. So all that heritage still sits with him. And in the documentary, you’ll see he puts duty first.

“The crown comes first, but you know, he’s married to a woman who is not the classic royal bride. She’s from a family upbringing that’s much more similar to a lot of ours. And I think that in itself makes him different."

With this determination and sense of duty in hand, Prince William is sure to make his own mark on the crown. “His mother had a very clear view of the sort of king she wanted William to be. From a very early age, he was out visiting the homeless. He saw his mother’s work with the disenfranchised. And I think he will be very forward-looking, but with a real sense of duty that goes with the crown. You see it in his mental health work at the moment.”