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Taylor Swift can help stop climate change, says Chris Packham

Taylor Swift’s environment friendly act will have a major impact on her young fans, believes Chris Packham

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June 21, 2024
Chris Packham offers advice to Taylor Swift on climate change
Chris Packham offers advice to Taylor Swift on climate change

Chris Packham has recently advised Taylor Swift to reject her use of private jets to help stop climate change.

In a new interview with MailOnline, Chris believed that the songstress should be “leading the way” on environmental issues for her young fans.

“It will change the world. It would change the life of all of her fans, every single one of them and make them think, ‘If Taylor Swift can change her habits to help the environment, then I can too.’ That's her power,” explained the Springwatch presenter.

Chris pointed out that Taylor “needs to start sending signals that she cares about the planet as it could have a major impact on her young fans globally”.

“I really want to get that message to Taylor Swift's people, it would be sensational,” stated Chris.

He mentioned, “It's an opportunity for her, and someone's got to tell her, because quite clearly, her people aren't telling her.”

“She's got a global audience of young people who are going to be struggling due to climate breakdown in a very rapidly changing and increasingly dangerous world, and she should be sending signals that she cares,” he told the outlet.

Chris dished, “She's immensely powerful young woman, because she has the capacity to communicate to millions of people who dote on her every word.”

“It would be highly symbolic if she were to say, ‘I'm giving up my private jet usage’,” he remarked.

Chris added, “She's a very powerful young woman, intelligent, powerful superstar. She should be doing the right thing for her fans, and that is giving them hope for the future.”