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Shiloh ‘stands firm’ against dad Brad Pitt amid growing tensions

Brad Pitt reportedly fighting to keep bond with now-estranged children

By Web Desk
June 13, 2024
Shiloh ‘stands firm’ against dad Brad Pitt amid growing tensions
Shiloh ‘stands firm’ against dad Brad Pitt amid growing tensions 

Shiloh is seemingly holding her ground as she proves her ‘deeper issues’ with now-estranged dad, Brad Pitt.

However, Pitt had been allegedly been fighting to keep his bond with now-estranged children after split from ex-wife Angelina Jolie got messy.

The Fight Club actor, 60, allegedly objected to his daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt testifying on her custody arrangement preferences when she was 14 during the 2021 hearing, per a report by Us Weekly.

The judge ultimately sided with Pitt and awarded him joint custody. Although, later on the judge was removed over Jolie’s appeal since he had not shared his business ties with Pitt’s lawyers.

Another insider told the outlet that Pitt used to be “very close” with Shiloh but that “relationship [changed] in recent years.”

Recent reports revealed in May that Shiloh officially filed paperwork to drop her father’s surname from her legal name on her 18th birthday.

Shiloh hired and paid for her own lawyer to handle her case are true. The request has yet to be approved, a source confirmed to Us Weekly.

Pitt was reportedly “devastated” by Shiloh’s choice to alter her name.

“To him, it was more than a change of name — it was a symbol of a deeper estrangement that has been brewing for years,” source explained.