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Courtney Stodden flushes away past in dramatic move

Courtney Stodden filmed herself getting rid of remnants from her previous relationship with ex-fiancé

By Web Desk
June 12, 2024
Courtney Stodden shares thoughts on getting rid of keepsakes

Courtney Stodden recently shared thoughts on getting rid of remnants from her previous relationship with ex-fiancé Chris Sheng.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star, who uses they/them pronouns, filmed themselves throwing away any keepsakes from the latter.

Shared exclusively by TMZ, the video offered inside glimpse into the 29-year-old discarding the ring in their toilet.

Stodden explained: “Just doing a little last-minute spring cleaning before summer.”

Continuing on the subject, they added: “I guess diamonds aren't always a girl's best friend after all.”

Speaking exclusively to the same outlet, Courtney announced that they were “onto the next chapter.” 

Further claiming that the gesture was inspired by James Cameron’s Titanic, they told the outlet: "Like the little old lady who dropped it into the ocean in the end, I needed to rid myself of any remnants from the past that no longer had any hold on me.”

“Rose’s character taught me something special - what a woman does with her diamonds is her prerogative.”

For the unversed, a source confirmed the couple’s split in July 2023, stating that “Courtney is now a single woman.”

The duo, that started dating in 2017, going on to part ways six years later.