Thursday June 20, 2024

Jackie Chan's 'A Legend' fails to hold a candle to its predecessor

Jackie Chan's A Legend is slated to release on July 12 all across China

By Web Desk
June 10, 2024
Jackie Chan's film receives criticism

Jackie Chan's upcoming film A Legend was recently under scrutiny as it was dubbed "tacky" and "outdated."

The recation comes after the Rush Hour actor was gearing up for his new film that is slated to release on July 12 all across China.

The film which serves as the highly-anticipated sequel to Jackie's 2005 film The Myth, also starred Tony Leung Ka Fai and Korean actress Kim Hee Sun.

The trailer for the film was released last week, sparking a discussion among netizens.

Seemingly, the sequel's preview did not meet expectations as netizens were unable to grapple with the film's unsavoury CGI effects. 

The movie's inability to hold a candle to its previous work left many suggesting the actor that it's "about time he retires."

One user commented under the video: "He should stop making the same type of movies for the thousands time already."

While another chimed in, adding: "Jackie Chan's last movie before he retires. Bet this could flop as well."

A third wrote: "It looks as bad as The Myth. I'm not watching it."

Meanwhile, a fourth said: "Jackie Chan had better computer graphics in the 90s than now."