Friday May 24, 2024

Apple iPhone 17 Plus likely to have different size

Apple's new iPhone 17 Plus may not look same as previous models

By Web Desk
April 20, 2024
Apple is expected to lessen size of iPhone 17 Plus. — Apple/File
Apple is expected to lessen size of iPhone 17 Plus. — Apple/File

The iPhone 17 Pro has been the subject of several reports in the past, some of which claimed it would have a 2nm CPU, always-on features, and high refresh rate panels but now its size is also the talk of the town.

There are already reports going around about the iPhone 17 Plus that suggest the 2025 Apple model may have a smaller screen, according to News18.

The iPhone 17 Plus seems to buck the trend of ever-larger screens; according to reports, it will debut in late 2024, following the release of the iPhone 16 series.

In the past, Apple has remained consistent by matching the Plus models' display dimensions to those of the more costly Pro Max models. For example, the screens on the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 15 Plus were both 6.7 inches in size, which was the same as the screens on their corresponding Pro Max models.

It has been reported that Apple may be trying to make its models easier to identify from one another by changing the screen sizes of the models in its lineup.

This tactic might satisfy various user preferences, especially for those looking for a mid-sized gadget that strikes a balance between comfort and usefulness. 

Apple might offer the iPhone 17 Plus at a more competitive price point, further appealing to its target market, by perhaps decreasing production costs with a smaller display.