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Inside singer Meenoi's 'muddy fight' with label over contract

Meenoi, who signed with AOMG in November 2023, is seeking a contract termination

By Web Desk
March 06, 2024
Meenoi seeks termination from her agency
Meenoi seeks termination from her agency 

Singer Meenoi is reportedly seeking to terminate her contract with her agency AOMG after it emerged that the singer had conflicts with the company.

Recent conflicts between the two allegedly made their split 'inevitable', which stemmed from her withdrawal from advertisements.

Meenoi confessed during a personal live broadcast where the singer broke down, hinting at 'sins' and 'wrongdoing'.

She drew attention after she suddenly fell ill two hours prior to filming.

AOMG referred to it as disagreement, putting in efforts to restore smooth relations with the 26-year-old singer.

After a month, the singer exposed the controversy, alleging non-disclosure of contract details as well as using 'fake seal' without her consent regarding the advertisement contract.

The K-pop idol even went ahead with a request to revise her contract terms.

However, on Wednesday, March 6 AOMG released the contents of the conversation with the latter through a report, resulting in a nasty banter.

The statement read: "It is true that our artist meenoi failed to participate in the advertising shoot.

"This was due to a discrepancy in understanding between our agency and the artist regarding the authority to sign the advertising contract on behalf of the artist. As a result, we were unable to narrow down the differences of opinion and she ended up missing the shoot.

"During this process, feeling guilty for her absence from the shoot, the artist mentioned during the live broadcast that she had ‘committed a sin,’ and thinking that things would need some time to be sorted out, she said, ‘By around March, people may understand.’

"As this matter involves not only our agency and the artist but also the advertiser, we couldn’t provide an immediate response, and we extend our apologies once again.

"Currently, our agency and the artist have communicated smoothly with each other regarding this issue. We are also in the process of reaching an amicable agreement with the advertiser, and both our agency and the artist will do our best to promptly rectify any losses suffered by the advertiser by returning the contract’s down payment and providing compensation."

The agency also revealed the messenger conversations, showcasing Meenoi’s positive responses.

According to Dispatch, the alleged forged stamp that the singer mentioned proved to be an electronic signature. 

Meenoi rose to fame in 2022 after releasing single Ghosting with Woo Won-jae, bagging nomination for Best Collaboration at the MAMA Awards.