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Emily Blunt explains why Meryl Streep dropped method acting after Devil Wears Prada

Emily Blunt in conversation with co-star Anne Hathaway about Meryl Streep

December 09, 2023
Emily Blunt reveals why Meryl Streep left method acting in a new intterview
Emily Blunt reveals why Meryl Streep left method acting in a new intterview

Emily Blunt has recently opened up on how Meryl Streep changed her longtime acting strategy after appearing in The Devil Wears Prada movie.

Speaking on Variety’s Actors on Actors, Blunt was in conversation with fellow co-star Anne Hathaway and shared that Streep would feel miserable on the set of their 2006 movie as she could not participate in the fun.

“I think she always wanted to join in the fun, and she kept herself so in character,” said Hathaway.

Blunt told Hathaway, “It was your little face – this beautiful, slightly baffled face.”

Later, the Oppenheimer star also disclosed, “Do you know she’s never done method acting since?”

“She said it made her so miserable on this one, because we were all having a party on the other side of the set, and she was like, ‘I won’t do this again,’” stated Blunt.

The Pain Hustlers actress commended Streep, called her “fun and warm”.

Hathaway also concurred that Streep, who played Miranda Priestly in the movie, acted as her “normal self during their rehearsals” in the morning.

However, the Princess Diaries star added that Streep would then come back on set as “a block of ice”.

Earlier in 2021 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Streep shared that her experience making the movie was, in fact, “horrible”.

The iconic actress mentioned, “I was miserable in my trailer. I could hear them all rocking and laughing. I was so depressed! I said, ‘Well, it’s the price you pay for being boss!’”

She added, “That’s the last time I ever attempted a Method thing!”