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Meghan Markle fails to 'save face' after 'toe-curling' moment

Meghan Markle was caught in an awkward moment while attending Kevin Costner's charity event

By Web Desk
September 27, 2023
Meghan Markle faced an on-stage blunder that seemingly left her embarrassed
Meghan Markle faced an on-stage blunder that seemingly left her embarrassed 

Meghan Markle's body language during the awkward on-stage exchange that took place at Kevin Costner’s charity made it apparent that the Duchess of Sussex failed to 'save face' after the 'toe-curling' incident. 

Body language expert Judi James discussed with Mirror the Suits actress' behaviour as she attempted to take a microphone from a woman approaching her, believing that she would be asked to speak to the audience. 

However, after she realised the mic was not to be handed to her, the Duchess attempted to power through with a smile, but her body language gave away her sentiments. 

"Meghan seems to have got the choreography all wrong here, creating a medium-sized toe-curling moment that appears to set of a chain of mini-errors.

"When Meghan walks onto the stage and a compere steps up with a mic, Meghan’s knee-jerk assumption seems to be that she is being invited to do a speech. Meghan grabs the stem of the mic but the compere holds on and it is quickly clear that it wasn’t intended for Meghan."

"Meghan’s technique for trying to retain a sense of control and dignity is to put her hand on the compere’s upper arm to signal dominance and to gesture them in the direction they were walking as though steering."

"Her hands are then kept held up and out in the ‘grab’ position and, rather than perform a truncated gesture that might suggest she had the wrong idea about the mic, she instead moves across to use the pre-fabricated ‘grab’ gesture to pick up an award from the table instead, for no apparent reason other than to save face."