Saturday December 02, 2023

Kate Middleton fashion choices hint at major 'transformation' within Royal Family

Kate Middleton garnered attention for her distint fashion choices for royal outings last week

By Web Desk
September 23, 2023
Kate Middleton is embracing her ever-evolving role in the Royal Family
Kate Middleton is embracing her ever-evolving role in the Royal Family 

Kate Middleton's unbirdled self-confidence has begun to reflect in her fashion choices.

The Princess of Wales repeatedly turned heads for her elegant outfit choices as she attended to her royal duties without Prince William all across last week.

Fashion expert Miranda Holder spoke to the Daily Express about the future Queen's notable transformation from dresses to suits, revealing, "Since we first ‘met’ Kate, as the young, fresh-faced girlfriend of Prince William, we have witnessed her confidence blossom and her style transform, from the pretty girl next door to the elegant wife of our future King, to the infinitely more regal and refined Princess of Wales."

"Her wardrobe has adjusted to suit her ever-evolving role within the family, and its latest incarnation has garnered much attention, but perhaps not for the reasons you would expect.

Noting the Palace's decision to stop releasing details about the designers royals were wearing, earlier this year, Holder said, "Despite this recent lack of information, Kate is still hailed as a fashion icon globally, with the ‘Kate effect’ bringing good fortune to the brands she champions."

"Perhaps this is why Kate’s image seems to have evolved yet again, with the Princess wearing more and more suits in her latest role, and wearing them exclusively for Royal Appointments since she returned from the summer break," she added.