Tuesday November 28, 2023

King Charles’ monarchy is in danger due to Queen Camilla’s ‘problem’

King Charles and Queen Camilla went on two state visits in the one year of their reign

By Web Desk
September 09, 2023

During the Coronation, King Charles officially changed his wife, Camilla’s title from Queen Consort to Queen, going against his late mother’s wishes.

However, according to royal expert, Tom Bower, Camilla may pose a significant problem to the monarchy as the King struggles to boost its popularity.

The monarch conducted around 571 royal engagements this year with two state visits, which seems to be fairly less in comparison to previous years.

Bower noted that the reason behind the lower numbers is the fact Camilla cannot travel lengthy distances easily, which is why there are not many state visits such as to Australia.

“I don’t think she is that healthy, that is something of a drag on Charles himself,” Bower told GB News. “She doesn’t want to fly to Australia, she doesn’t want to go to Kenya, she doesn’t want to go beyond Paris or Berlin because she gets jet lagged and all the rest."

King Charles’ monarchy is in danger due to Queen Camilla’s ‘problem’

The expert also noted that Camilla is not fond of being the Queen and she knows that “there is a large residue of Britons who resent her presence there.”

“I don’t think she sees herself as a leader and as a monarch and representing values which are important in a leader in the monarch.”

He added that while Camilla makes Charles “happy,” the “healthy” dynamic between the two “doesn’t translate into making the Royal Family more healthy, more relevant and more engaged than it is at the moment.”

Bower surmised that the there will come a time when monarchy would need to see the King and Queen “step up.”