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VIDEO: Sacrificial animal goes out of control, drags minor for a km in Karachi

Police confirmed that 12-year-old met his untimely demise while taking the cow for a stroll

June 24, 2023

In a tragic incident, a 12-year-old in Karachi succumbed to injuries he had sustained after getting entangled in the harness straps of the sacrificial animal he had taken out for a stroll, police said Friday.

During the stroll, however, the animal got out of control and managed to escape, dragging the entangled child behind him for a kilometre.

In the video of the horrifying incident making rounds on social media, a cow can be seen running with the boy entangled in the rope as several people chased the rabid animal.

The police confirmed that 12-year-old Ibrahim was a resident of the Sector 11-G area of New Karachi.

As the child attempted to escape, the halter became entangled around his legs, the police said, adding the animal dragged the child for a kilometre, leaving him severally injured.

Eyewitnesses said that upon witnessing the incident, people from the surrounding area sprang into action, chasing after the animal to rescue the child.

However, only after the animal — with the boy in tow — had covered a considerable distance did they manage to intervene and release the boy from the strap.

The injured child was promptly rushed to a nearby hospital but succumbed to his severe injuries.

Ibrahim — the second among four siblings — was known for his innocent and playful nature. His father works in a cloth shop.