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Sarah Ferguson promises 'healthy humour' on new show 'Tea Talks'

Sarah Ferguson talks about her colorful life in the Royal Family

By Web Desk
June 02, 2023
Sarah Ferguson promises healthy humour on new show Tea Talks

Sarah Ferguson is getting upclose and personal on her new talk show.

Tea Talks, which the Duchess of York jointly hosts with Sarah Thompson, is all set to be infectious.

Speaking ahead of the show, the former wife of Prince Andrew said that show will have "a healthy dose of humour".

The mother-of-two also added: "With my great friend, the talented entrepreneur Sarah Jane Thomson, I am going to be exploring the issues of the day that affect us all.

"I hope Tea Talks will also allow us to share some of our personal experiences and stories along the way.

Fergie has famously supported ex-husband Prince Andrew over his alleged sexual assault scandal.

Speaking to OK Magazine last year, the Duchess said: "[Andrew] is a wonderful father and a very very good grandfather."

She continued: "I think, as a grandparent, you have to let your children get on with being the parents they want to be, and not interfere too much."

"But I'm always there to pick up the broccoli when it goes flying at mealtimes," she added