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Tina Turner had 'wonderful past life' before final days in world

Tina Turner was satisfied with her life before breathing her last

By Web Desk
May 31, 2023
Tina Turner had wonderful past life before final days in world

Tina Turner was ready to depart from this world peacefully, says a close friend of the singer.

Designer Stephen Sills has recently spoke to PEOPLE about his opinion on Tina's death, revealing the singer was ready for whatever that came her way.

"She told me two years ago, she said, 'Stephen, I'm ready to go anytime. I'm not scared of death. I've had a wonderful last part of life. I've enjoyed it, but I'm tired,'" he recalls.

"She was such an amazing friend and she had such a force of creativity," Sills adds. "The Tina Turner persona of performing, that was a made-up person. We used to talk about it, and she created that and it was a beautiful image. But she was absolutely positive and energetic and interested and curious. She was just an amazing person."

Meanwhile, Tina's husband, Erwin Bach, ensured her final years were happy and full of love.

"In her final years, she was happy and secure in her relationship," a music source reveals. "She had found true love and was able to live without fear. She had a group of friends in Switzerland, and truly loved the people she was around."

Tina passed away earlier this month at her Switzerland home.

"When Tina was able, she liked to be outside and enjoy the air and beauty of the surroundings," the insider says.