Monday September 25, 2023

Coachella 2023 - Kendall Jenner's beau Bad Bunny pokes fun at model's ex Harry Styles

"Bad Bunny is a better singer than Harry Styles"

By Web Desk
April 16, 2023
Coachella 2023 - Kendall Jenners beau Bad Bunny pokes fun at models ex Harry Styles

Kendall Jenner's new beau Bad Bunny left fans divided as he took a cheeky swipe at the model's famous ex-lover Harry Styles during his Coachella set on Friday night.

The Puerto Rican rapper, 29, performed his two-hour show which included surprise cameos from Post Malone and Jhayco. The musician, who sang El Apagon from his most recent album, couldn't resist taking a pot shot at his lovebird Kendall's ex-boyfriend Styles.

A tweet was displayed on the screen behind him which implied that Bad Bunny is a better singer than Harry Styles. It read: "Goodnight Benito could do As It Was but Harry could never do El Apagon."

The stunt sparked reactions from music lovers as some agreed with the rapper on Twitter, with one writing: "Lmao bad bunny throwing shade at Harry styles! But did he lie??? Not one bit."

"ad bunny shading harry styles on the main stage that's enough for me to stan," another reacted.

While, third one wrote: "Now why would Bad Bunny show this messy tweet. Harry Styles getcho lick back."

While, others weren't so impressed, with one saying: "Not bad bunny going to a Harry styles concert as a supporter/fan and then trying to tear him down at Coachella Foh I don't like that attitude."

Another, appeared to be Harry Styles fan, reacted: "Didn't Bad Bunny go to Harry Styles concert last year as a fan and now he's throwing shade to Harry. Get out of my face bye."

It's worth mentioning here that Back in February, Harry beat Bad Bunny for the Album of the Year category at the Grammys. The rapper was previously accused of hitting out at Kendall's ex Devin Booker in his new tune.