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Prince Harry ‘needs to finally grow up’ and stop ‘ugly attacks’

Royal experts believe Prince Harry ‘needs to grow up’ and put a stop to his ugly attacks

By Web Desk
January 27, 2023

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Prince Harry has been put on blast for continually airing his dirty laundry and has been called on to ‘finally grow up’.

This has been brought to light by Marlon Bardford in his interview with The Sun.

Bradford believes, “Harry should have recognised he’s not like the rest of us and not exposed all that dirty linen.”

Daisy Graham on the other hand, fumed over it all, and claimed, “They have all this privilege, but still whinge about it. It makes me think, ‘Come on, grow up’. It’s like they’re telling us they have all this nice stuff but she’s moaning about wearing a certain colour to an event. I mean, really?”