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Andrew Tate's accuser Carla Howe shares heart-wrenching story of her escape

Former model Carla Howe makes shocking revelations about Andrew Tate

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January 02, 2023
Andrew Tates accuser Carla Howe shares heart-wrenching story of her escape

Former model Carla Howe has shared her heart-wrenching story that she had a lucky escape after Andrew Tate was arrested with his brother and two others in connection with alleged human trafficking.

The 32-year-old former model has told friends how the disgraced influencer tried to lure her to his Romanian hideaway, according to Daily Mail.

Ms Howe, as per report, told friends: 'He wanted me to go to Romania and I was tempted. It makes me think now how it could have gone terribly. I'd probably have ended up not leaving the house ever.'

Howe claimed that they began to chat online when Tate sent a private message to her Instagram account in February. But she added she quickly learned of a darker side of his character when his messages became 'controlling and aggressive'.

Howe revealed the disgraced influencer also tried to ban her from going on holiday to Spain with a girlfriend and insisted she had to 'obey' him.

She told her pals: "I had a lucky escape. I thought I would give him a chance and was tempted to have a relationship with him. Maybe God saved me from that happening. Things could have turned out very differently if I had gone - I hate to think.

"A lot of people think that as he is famous he wouldn't do anything bad but we're in a new day and age. Just because of who he is doesn't mean he isn't capable of other things. I had so many people contacting me after he was arrested. I was like "Oh my God - it gets worse."

Andrew Tate, his brother and two women have been taken into custody on suspicion of rape and human trafficking. A Romanian Court Friday