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VIDEO: Shahid Afridi meets Indian fans in Thailand

Afridi tells fans he still has Sachin Tendulkar's bat which he used to blast his fastest century against Sri Lanka

By Web Desk
November 27, 2022
Pakistans former all-rounder poses with fans at a restaurant in Thailand. — Screengrab via Twitter/@SAfridiOfficial
Pakistan's former all-rounder poses with fans at a restaurant in Thailand. — Screengrab via Twitter/@SAfridiOfficial

Veteran Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi Sunday shared a video of his interaction with fans in a restaurant in Thailand.

In the video, which Afridi has shared on his official Twitter account, fans can be seen getting photographed with the all-rounder who humbly obliged their requests.

“Sports has an international language of love and respect without boundaries,” the former skipper wrote in his tweet.

Afridi further shared about his interesting chat session with the fans about cricket and deemed the experience “heartwarming”.

“Had some interesting chat about cricket with visitors at a resturant in Thailand which was heartwarming,” the veteran cricketer tweeted.

Two couples are seen approaching Afridi in the video for a photograph as he stands in the centre posing with them.

After being photographed with the second couple, Afridi asks the husband to love his wife and not be disloyal toward her.

“You have to love her a lot. Never attempt disloyalty,” he’s heard saying in the video.

Another fan requests Afridi if he can take his solo picture, but the former skipper refuses the request and moves toward his table at the restaurant.

Later on, the former all-rounder talks to visitors at the restaurant, most of whom appeared to be from India, and asks them if they watch cricket to which most raise their hands.

One fan responded to Afridi and said: “Sir, we don’t only watch cricket, but also play and know all your stats.”

Afridi then proceeds to ask them about their favourite player to which they yell [Virat] Kohli and Sachin [Tendulkar].

“You guys don’t like anyone from our Pakistan team?” Afridi disappointedly asked them.

One of them is heard telling Afridi that he’s his fan to which the Green Shirts’ former all-rounder jokingly said: “You guys will remember me. You’ll never be able to forget me.”

One fan reminds Afridi that his fastest century, which he scored on 37 balls in 1997 against Sri Lanka, was with veteran Indian star batter Tendulkar.

“I have that bat to date,” the former skipper said.

Toward the end of the video, Afridi asked his fans to stay happy and try to be kind to each other whenever they meet no matter which country they belong to.

“As Indians and Pakistanis, we are ambassadors of our country. For us, all humans are equal,” Afridi said addressing his fans in Thailand.