• Mysterious disease kills doctor, Chinese engineer

      September 26, 2010
      Print : Peshawar

      ABBOTTABAD: Two people including a young doctor and

      a Chinese engineer died from

      a mysterious disease while a schoolboy was stated to be in

      a critical condition at the

      Ayub Teaching Hospital (ATH) for the last one week, official sources said.

      The sources in the health department revealed that patients brought to the ATH from the flood-affected areas showed decrease in their blood clotting ability. The sources said the patients initially suffered fever and headache, followed by fits and later their blood platelets decreased.

      The sources said at least four patients suffering from dengue fever were still admitted to the ATH and the number of such cases was increasing. Most of the cases reported so far were from Haripur district. The hospital administration has officially segregated some area in the hospital to deal with such patients.

      The sudden death of young resident medical officer Dr Syed Hasnain Shah caused by the mysterious viral infection has raised concern among the senior doctors as well as administration of ATH. He died after spending last Friday in Bisham in Shangla district working at the health facility established for the flood affectees.

      Deputy medical superintendent of causalty department of the ATH, Dr Junaid Sarwar, told this scribe that Dr Hasnain caught fever in Bisham. Later investigation revealed that his platelets count dropped to the range of 135000 compared with normal range of 150,000 to 300,000.

      His fever was finally controlled on Sunday and he rejoined the office. But on Tuesday he fell down in the washroom of the college hostel. He was rushed to the hospital’s emergency unit.

      Another medical officer said that the ailing doctor’s blood pressure at that time was as low as 80/30 and emergency treatment was provided to him. “Dr Hasnain was conscious but suffering from severe headache at that time and then he went to sleep. He fell unconscious after a few minutes and developed regular fits,” he recalled. Medical specialists were immediately called who recommended MRI, which diagnosed brain haemorrhage. The neurosurgeon found irreversible brain damage. The young doctor later died.

      The younger brother of Dr Hasnain has been showing the same symptoms for the last few days. The ATH administration has no specialist to deal with infectious diseases and has decided to refer him to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences in Islamabad.

      In a similar case, a Chinese engineer working in Allai in Battagram district remained hospitalised at the Ayub Teaching Hospital for couple of days and later expired.

      The doctors claimed that he suffered epilepsy fits while performing duty. He fell down from a height and suffered a head injury. The Chinese engineer was kept in the Intensive Care Unit on ventilator for a few days but could not survive.

      The hospital sources said that they had already sent few tests to NIH to know the cause of the mysterious death of the young doctor.

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