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Imran Khan challenges Nawaz Sharif to debate

- April 23, 2013 - Updated 153 PKT - From Web Edition

RENALA KHURD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has once again challenged Pakistan Muslim League-N President Nawaz Sharif to a debate, saying if the N-League chief cannot face him in the cricket arena then at least he should confront him (Imran) in a debate challenge.


Imran Khan threw the gauntlet to Nawaz Sharif while addressing a PTI rally as part of the party’s ongoing election campaign here Tuesday.


“Mian Sahib, if you cannot compete in cricket then at least have a debate,” Khan challenged the PML-N chief.


The PTI Chairman added that the Sharif brothers continued to extend support to President Asif Ali Zardari.


Commenting on former military dictator General (retd) Pervez Musharraf’s treason case, Imran Khan said whatever action is being taken against the former president was in accordance with the law.


Imran Khan promised that, if he came to power, he would not release any kind of development fund to any MNA or MPA. “We are bringing a new system and our local government system will empower the people. All such funds will be given to local government representatives.”


Imran also pledged that, if elected, he would end loadhsedding and resolve the energy crisis within two and a half years.

Reader Comments
Nawaz Sharief Must Accept the Challenge else He is not a Leader...

That double roti Nawaz Shariff will never face IK. He is to scared to be made to look like a circus clown which he is.

United Kingdom
It is foolish for statesman like gentleman Nawaz Shareef to get below the decency level and engage himself in a slanging match with Ilzam Khan. Better leave abusive wrangling to PTI. Please refer to Ms. Mazari in this matter.

Majority of the Pakistani Awaam are content with hollow slogans. Educated and middle class sector already supports Imran overwhelmingly because they know better. A learned debate is not going to sway rest of the public opinion. Nawaz Sharif will be in a lose lose situation if he participated in such a debate. He will remain non-committal and vague to leave room to wiggle when in power.

In such a debate the dice would be heavily loaded in favour of Imran Khan and against Nawaz Sharif because Imran has never been in power. At present he has only promises and talk shows in his kitty. Whereas Nawaz Sharif would have to defend all his mistakes. If held now,It would be a debate between intangible future intentions versus ground realities. The pertinent time to hold this debate would be after Imran enjoys power for sometime.

Fardad Ali Shah
Remember - Politics and running a country is not a short tempered T20 match where you can get a run out at no ball - be patient. we need a sober and thoughtfull leadership like NS not a thunder Sonami politics who always changes like cricket. If you are still living in West, rest assure Obma will not have a debate with a common citizen. You need to be a two time prime minister to have this debate. The more you speak, the less credible you are.

Akmal Bajwa
It would be a lovely debate; come on N League. accept Imran Khan's debate challenge. If, not then be prepared to sit in the opposition benches!

Manzoor H. Khatana, Ph.D.
Both of you dont fit in politics,however Nawaz was v good batsman.I remember there was game between Old Ravians and Present Ravians at Oval Ground GC Lahore.Old Ravians led by Nawaz wont the game.Nawaz was Man Of Match.Rameez Raja was Captain of Present Ravians. Why dont you both quit politics and start paying cricket and LET AITEZAZ OF PPP BECOME PRIME MINISTER OF PAKISITAN.HE IS BEST DEBATER TOO.

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