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Karachi: Three killed, 22 injured in fresh wave of violence

- March 04, 2013 - Updated 1840 PKT - From Web Edition

KARACHI: The violence, that broke out after some of Abbas Town victims were laid to rest, has claimed at least three lives, while it left 25 others injured across Pakistan's commercial center, Karachi, on Monday, Geo News reported.


Reports have it that Gunmen shot and killed three people returning from a funeral Monday for some of the victims of a massive bombing in Karachi, highlighting escalating sectarian tensions in a city where 48 people were killed the day before.


The bomb exploded Sunday evening as people were leaving a mosque, and underlined the increasing threat militant groups target people in ever-bolder attacks. There was no immediate claim of responsibility but sectarian militant groups have carried out such attacks in the past.


Reportedly around eight passenger buses were torched, whereas two ambulances were also set ablaze in different areas with most of the incidents reported from Sohrab Goth.


Some of those attending the funeral set fire to buses in one Karachi neighborhood as they went to the cemetery, said police official Qamar Ahmad.


When they moved through the same area after the funeral, gunmen opened fire on the group and wounded several protesters, he said. Two of the men died and 13 were wounded, said Dr. Saleem Memon, who works at the hospital where the wounded were taken.


The Sohrab Goth neighborhood where the shooting occurred is home to many ethnic Pashtuns who traditionally live in northwestern Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan.


"Gun-wielding arsonists and violent vandals are on the loose everywhere. Various areas have plunged into total chaos", sources told Geo News.


Sources say heavy gunfire has walloped Sohrab Goth and lawmen are nowhere to be found there.


It was later reported that the cops have fled Sohrab Goth stationhouse, thus the area is running without any law & order.


Source also added that the audacious gunmen even targeted a Rangers vehicle which arrived at the scene later. As a result at least five paramilitary troops including an officers who had come to take stock of the situation were injured, said an Rangers spokesman.


The injured Rangers are under treatment in CMH Malir for bullet-injuries in a hospital.


“We can see people taking cover under the cars. Local residents have been under virtual siege since this armed clash broke out”, sources in the restive Sohrab Goth area added.


Police also claimed several of their men who sustained bullet-wounds were in the hospitals, where some of them are said to be critical, they added.


An aborted attempt to abduct policemen was also reported from the area.


Several people have also been injured during firing in Abbas Town. Rescue teams deployed in the area have also been targeted.


Firing was also reported from Ancholi and Indus Plaza.


Thousands of people thronged a main road in Karachi Monday for the funeral service. Many beat their chests and heads and chanted "Stop the brutal attacks!" They called on the government to take action against militant groups responsible for the attacks.


The city shut down on Monday for a day of mourning to honor the dead. Markets, gas stations and transportation were closed as security officials patrolled the streets. At the site of the blast, family and friends looked through the rubble for missing family members.


Keeping in view the deteriorating law and order situation, the government of Sindh has banned the pillion riding on motorbikes from midnight today (March 5, 2013).

Reader Comments
PML-N and Punjab is the save heaven of All the Terrorist and extremist .. PML-N is fully supporting them.. That the very very alarming.. Everyone knows that they support LEJ and they have agreements with them.. There should be an operation on PML-N. I am definitely sure they are in the killing of lots of Pakistanis like Gover Taseer and abduction of his son with the help of these terrorists. Everyone is now suspension on PML-N.

Amaan Zia
Where is the President of Pakistan? I curse him ,his minsters, his PM and all those who supported this careless and subhuman governament stay in power and eat the flesh of Pakistanis.

United Kingdom
A police comprising of local people is a realistic suggestion. Hopefully they will understand the problem faced by people. Mere spectators and watching looting and arson carried on with no action by LEA is deplorable.

CJ if you want to do something fo the people then: Cancel all ammunition licenses to any civilian no matter how strong of a politician he is. If anyone gets caught should be sent to Jail. No more licenses should ever be issued. Armed forces should start cleaning the country thru quick trials for violators, etc. The list can go on and on. Basically, Army should become the official police of the nation.

Pakistan has now become a Jurassic Park. This is the result of becoming a nation on religion basis. GOD save Pakistan.

This is all happening due to our own deeds - zardari/MQM are inflicted on this nation as a 'azaab' on us and its WE who are to correct ourselves first. Every single person is a part of corruption in Pakistan except very few.

all the imported LEA' personal should be send back...karachi should should have its own police managed by local people

ali ahmed
Saudi Arabia
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