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No killed worker had appointment letter

By Qadeer Tanoli
- September 12, 2012 - Updated 2340 PKT - From Web Edition

KARACHI: Not a single deceased employee of the burnt factory at Baldia, Ali Enterprises had appointment letter and thus no one of them was registered with Social Security, Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution and other as such institutes, The News has reliably learnt.


The majority of victims of the worst fire eruption case in industrial areas in Pakistan's history were below the age of 35 years. The factory was setup some 12 years ago at the main road of Hub River and officials concerned of Labour Department could not see extreme labour laws' violation over there. No case was ever registered in some court of law by any government department against this factory which they could have made if some labour inspector had paid the visit of the factory.


The News has got sketchy profile of owner of the factory whose name is reported to be Dr Shahid Bhaila who happened to be in his late forties. He is qualified medical doctor but not practicing medicine anymore due to his business activities.


He is one of the major exporters of garments especially trousers in Pakistan to developed countries and he is the member of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industries besides having membership of Readymade Garments Association of Pakistan. The person in question has business family background and was influential enough to keep authorities concerned silent over labour issues.


This is learn that he had to complete consignment order before December for Christmas and he was taking hard labour from his workers to complete the order on time so that he should not bear expenses of by air shipment.


This is learnt that he also had obtained some 'fake certificate' from an audit company that everything was okay in his factory to fulfill developed countries demands.


He had hired the services of around 500 workers and did not bother to register them with any social security institute to get rid of workers' rights in any case.


If his workers were registered with the social security institutes then in case of death incident their family might have been compensated with Rs500,000 from Workers Welfare Fund. The EOBI was supposed to give pension to them if they had been registered with it.


According to some reports some pregnant female workers met with deaths due to fire eruption in the factory. These workers were supposed to enjoy maternity leaves of three months if they had been registered with the government departments concerned.


The deputy general secretary of National Trade Union Federation (NTUF), Nasir Manoor while talking with this correspondent demanded that the chief minister and the governor Sindh should give resign.


He said FIR of murder case under section 302 should be registered against the secretary labour, the labour minister and the minister for industries for criminal negligence on their part in this scenario.


He said due to criminal negligence of Labour Department the factories have become death-traps for the workers.


He said the owner of the factory must have fled from the country so far despite having his name in Exit Control List and he would return only when dust is settled.


He said this is the repercussion of third party contract system that there is no available record of the workers and authorities concerned are taking help of DNA to recognize the victims' bodies.


Mansoor said all victims were skilled workers who were hardly earning Rs8000 per salaries. He said there was only single exist of the factory where the Seth had placed his finished and unfinished merchandise thus making impossible for the innocent workers to come out of this death trap.

Reader Comments
grief sorrows tears and lot of pain.speechless.

God taught him a lesson of a lifetime and took away his livlihood. He was taking hard labour from his workers so he can deliver his order on time what a disghusting person in humane may he burn to death All i can say is the owner of this factory needs to be hanged burnt to death along wiht his family. The same way these people suffered brutally now its time we all gather together and punish the owner and set him on fire.

The owner of the factory Dr (fake degree) Shahid Bahila --now out of Pakistan --should be taken note of --seriously /and action be taken seriously by the --country judiciary --the sindh and supteme courts --if they want to show their legal worth /creditability --on yet another new court case ?. The owner of the factory SOB /has killed 300 un -registered workers --shameful /disgusting by the govt labor dept and --we pray to the courts to take /pray for jail action .

medhi datta kahn
Well, now lot of dead person will not be considered employees. May be they were just insects in the eyes of rich people. Malik Riaz announced to give two lacs rupees for each dead person and one lac for the injured. The biggest traitor, Aitzaz has not opened his mouth excepting cursing the Chief Justice and the supreme court. God will teach him a lesson.

m. a
And what does this statement mean??? Can someone please explain. Are the authorities trying to shift the blame for this tragedy on to the criminals??? May God bless the souls of the poor helpless destitute people who have lost their lives in the fires . And may Allah help the families who lost their loved and dear relatives over come their grief.

Dr Qureshi
United Kingdom
You guys should have been proactive vs being reactive. I hope Pakistanis can be honest to themselves and do a btter job in law making as well as in abiding to the enforced laws. Unfortunately pakistanis never follow the law.

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