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Honour killing claims four lives

- August 06, 2012 - Updated 558 PKT - From Web Edition

BAHAWALNAGAR: A father along with his two sons axed his wife and daughters among four people to death in the name of honour and injured three others in Bahawalnagar, police said.


According to DSP Bahawalnagar Muhammad Farooq, the father along with two sons axed his wife and daughters to death on the suspicion of their relations with neighbours.


Meanwhile, the accused also injured their four opponents while entering their house. One of them succumbed to injuries in DHQ Hospital Bahawalnagar.


Police has taken the bodies into their custody and arrested the accused.

Reader Comments
There is no honor in suspicions. Honor is in the truth alone.

Elena George
Horrendous murder sanctioned by tribal custom that entitles males in charge and controls of their female members upon whom the family's "honour" rests. No, Taj Ahmad. It's not a tragedy. It's not a question of trust and open mindedness. It's about male dominance and ownership of female. It will continue until women gain full equality with men, and freedom and dignity as individuals, and protection under the law.

SM Isac
No such thing as Honour Killings, this is MURDER. Last week a couple were jailed for life in UK for killing their Daughter. When are these people going to learn, we left that sort of World hundreds of years ago.

Jean Verlander
United Kingdom
There is no punishment for honor killing in Pakistan.Under the Islamic law family can forgive them.What a stone age law

What a shameful tragedy and act by head of family, the father and his two sons killed mother and daughter in the name of honour. What kind of honor killing is this, can anyone proved it? Remember, no married women and unmarried girls can ever take such steps in their lives, this is all cuased by misunderstanding or confusion, we should all keep our mind free from all suspicious thinking and trust our wives, daughters with open heart and mind.

Taj Ahmad
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