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7 die of doctors' strike across Punjab

- July 02, 2012 - Updated 116 PKT - From Web Edition

LAHORE: At least seven patients lost their lives across Punjab when the doctors on duty deliberately left them in the lurch to show solidarity with Young Doctors Association (YDA) leaders arrested in Lahore, Geo News reported.


According to sources, five patients at Faisalabad's Allied Hospital including a minor girl and two women died of negligence on part of young doctors, who were busy staging a strike in the wake of a crackdown on YDA members instead of looking after the critical patients.


Two patients including an infant also passed away in Lahore as there were no doctors present to look after them.


According to sources, young doctors serving in Faisalabad’s Civil Hospital also gave up on their duties as a protest against the apprehension of their arrested associates.


Sources also added that owing to the absence of doctors some young patients were in critical condition in the Allied Hospital’s children’s ward.

Reader Comments
Why dont people of Pakistan step forward 4 doctors and ask them 2 go go back to their jobs,R they sleeping,IS demand of service structure UNJUST?

When these young doctors goes to UK they work under the terms and conditions of NHS. Didn't they accept the terms and conditions at the time when they secured the job. If yes then they are bound to work under similar terms may go to court to seek legal remedy. Why we accept negligence in Pakistan in the name of "Allah ki Raza". They must be charged for negligence by giving exemplary punishment.

Are you saying that doctors do not have the right to strike or demand a decent living? Do you even know what their demands are? Your reporting standards are pathetic - you should at least give a summary of situation instead of condemning a whole community as murderers. You people are totally incompetent - and certainly in no position to judge doctors.

I have all the sympathies with the patients. I'm not a Doctor nor defending them. However, even in the presence of these doctors and their seniors some patients still die every day in our hospitals. These ploitical leaders of today are doing every thing to fill their accounts with money from any source. When it comes to professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, etc they have all excuses and then they recall the masses:'double-standards'!!

Love U PK
What was the government expecting when they took action against the association last night? Were they surprised that doctors withdrew their services? What was Punjab Government's planning on how would they handle this situation? It appears the plan was to let patients die and gain public vote against YDA. What a shame!

Ali Pannu
now everything will be blamed on them. very good Punjab Govt. Where are the senior doctors? just watching the show? truly might is right!

Saad Iqbal
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