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Nawaz was a club cricketer: Imran

- December 20, 2011 - Updated 154 PKT - From Web Edition

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan said on Tuesday that PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif was a club cricketer and flexing muscles with a Test cricketer, Geo News reported.

Talking to journalists, Imran Khan said no one including General Jilani would be able to help him out.


Former PML-N minister Naeem Malik, ex-MNA Malik Umar Aslam and others announced to join PTI on the occasion. “We are gaining popularity because of inept governments of PML-N, PML-Q and PPP,” he said.


The party will announce its manifesto on December 25 in Karachi.


Reacting to Imran's new challenge, PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal said, Imran should first play club cricket in politics and then think of playing test cricket.

Reader Comments
malik omer aslam awan is a has been from khushab, inheriting his uncle's seat and losing it twice to sumera malik. the only ineptness is imran khans, who is focussing only on quantity rather than quality. god help this country if people as corrupt and immoral as opportunists like omar awan are considered assets and future leaders.

Imran Khan was (playing ball in london /california) in his younger day's ?.Now collecting free dollars --in America for himself/use ?. Nawaz Shariuff --played ball in his younger days (and looted /Pak made big money /he stole it from Pak treasury ?. . Both the (big ball palayers ) are equally in competent --besides their --all fat talk . khappay pakistan

boler kahn
hay man, talk and behave like leader. Go and study the life of Quid-e Azam.

Nawaz Sharif could have become a Test Cricker, but then there it was not possible for Match Fixing as it has been easy for him in club cricket Matches, where Nawaz Sharif could bring Players who used to drop Nawaz ‘Catches’ & let Nawaz shot go to boundary or get Six. However, Imran may play with Nawaz club Match anywhere!

B i j l i
IK supported Musharraf in referendum then oppologised to the Nation for that. Then he criticized Musharraf regime's most policies for a few years. Now if he is inducting Musharraf'swhole team (e.g, foreign, investment, interior, overseas and man power ministers) then Sohail Wariach can say that "Kya Yeh Khula Tazad Nahi".

You people are saying garbage about ik...ik said he will award ticket to those who is clean and will show their thing what you do in changing our first we do our roles..we break trafic signals et...

Armaghan zakir
Khan has learn nothing from past 15 years. He has not even learn political language. Mr. Imran, plz come out of cricket and lust of power

arshad manda
Now, it seems that Imran wants reach on PM seat every cost. He gathered around most of corrupt politician, unaffordable to nation for major change. He is treating evil and good equally.Dear Imran, now, people of Pakistan has not enough power to sustained 3rd party inexperience. Please don't emotionalize-this nation will select only good people with good record - not bad eggs-fallen in your basket each day.

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