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Bomb targets SHC judge in Karachi, 9 killed

- June 26, 2013 - Updated 125 PKT - From Web Edition

KARACHI: At least nine people were killed and fifteen others including a senior judge of Sindh High Court and three policemen injured in a blast at Burns Road area in the vicinity of Sindh secretariat, the provincial government headquarters on Wednesday morning.


According to police officials, the bomb was planted in a motorbike and it was detonated by remote control.


The blast took place near the intersection of Urdu Bazaar Road and Court Road leading to Sindh High Court. The police officials opined that terrorists targeted the vehicle of senior Judge of Sindh High Court Justice Maqbool Baqar with a remote controlled bomb.


A car, police van and a bike were destroyed in explosion. The blast also caused damage to nearby buildings.


The injured people have been shifted to Civil Hospital for treatment.


Earlier, Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon confirmed seven deaths. Talking to reporters, he said one officer from the Rangers, five policemen and driver of the SHC justice were among the dead.


Maqbool Baqar was being treated at a private hospital, and his condition was stable, said Memon.


“We had provided maximum security to Maqbool Baqar, and he was wounded in today's bomb attack at his convoy,'' said Memon.


Baqar was on his way to court when the bomb exploded, said senior police official. The bomb, which was attached to a motorcycle, was so powerful that it damaged some nearby shops.


Bomb disposal squad told that approximately eight kilograms of explosives were used in the blast.


Baqar has a reputation for honesty and has also served as a judge in special anti-terrorism courts set up in Pakistan to hand down quick judgements in terror cases.


AP adds: TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan claimed the responsibility of the attack, saying they detonated the bomb using a remote control device.


“We attacked the judge in Karachi as he was taking decisions against Shariah and he was harmful for mujahideen,'' he told.

Reader Comments
The law and order has been on the increase since the Nawaz government took over,it is time that a curfew is imposed in Karachi and the army goes into each and every house of areas where terrorists have been identified as residing and disarm them and punish them severely and execution should start taking place of those people whom the SC has ordered to be executed. IN Saudi Arabia recently 2 Pakistanis were hanged just for committing armed robbery.

Please people let us not panic. This is just another sectarian muder attempt- the Judge was a Shia. It is indeed tragic that their has been such a lot of collateral damage. However, I am sure prominent people in the PML-N will tell their friends to be more focused next time, otherwise they will make sure that their is no more funding for LeJ from the Arabian peninsula.

Pakistanis need to find the lead Snakes of these animals carrying out murder. Find them and execute them.

"In the current circumstances, military courts should be set up to deal with terrorists." That is a pretty stupid opinion especially coming from a person living in the US. Are you unaware of Guantanamo?

people killed daily basisand no action only statesment karachi is city or slaughter house our police forces failed to bring security and peacethe soloutin is hand over karachi to the army for opperation cleaned up like a swat seal karachi and recover all the ill legal weopens and ammunation no dirty political game muslim killed muslim this is azab of allaha

tariq shiekh
why mr nawaz sharif is not taking it seriously does he wants to declare pp to come up with failed government in near future or he has no sympathies with innocent people who killed on daily basis in karachi specially they belong to lower middle class and lower class and have no proper source of income when they realize if his son would have been killed in this blast then what type of action has been taken by him

waseem Ahmad
Judges are saving Iran from severe terrorism by giving exemplary punishments to terrorist by quick trails.In our case only extra guards and protocol to judges costing this nation too much and nobody is punished for years of trail rather acquitted lack witness.Terrorist even kill witness.

syed baqar ahsan
Karachi’s killings cannot be stopped. The 86 years old, good for nothing, Haji Syed Qaim Ali Shah, CM Sindh has totally failed to control Karachi ‘killings’ & he had failed too during his last 5-years tenure in collaboration with MQM, ANP. The only Solution is “Governor Raj” in Karachi/Sindh. Just ban the major three political parties PPP, MQM, ANP, arrest their Leaders, their prominent Front-line men & put them into life-time Jail.

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