Tuesday October 04, 2022

Punjab needs over Rs150bn for reconstruction in DG Khan, Rajanpur

September 23, 2022

LAHORE: Punjab needs over Rs 150b for the reconstruction of flood-hit private infrastructures and rehabilitation of the flood affectees of DG Khan and Rajanpur districts.

According to the preliminary estimates based on an initial survey conducted by the PDMA and other government institutions working in the flood-affected areas of Punjab, Rs 9.643b is required for the construction of houses, Rs 5.853b for compensation money for animals drowned in flood water, Rs 191m for the lives perished, Rs 154.32m for the injured people, and Rs 10.5b for the compensation to the farmers whose crop losses in the flood.

The data available to The News showed that the Punjab government had estimated compensation of Rs 400,000 to the fully damaged (Paka) houses which are 7129 houses and Rs 2.851b is required. Further, for partially damaged (Paka) houses compensation money is estimated at Rs 200,000 per house which are 10943 houses and Rs 2.188 billion are required.

Further, for fully damaged (Katcha) houses Rs 200,000 per house is estimated while 16634 such houses damaged and Rs 3.326 billion are required while partially damaged (Katcah) houses are 25533 and Rs 1.276b are required Rs50,000 per house. The total number of damaged houses is 60,239.

Similarly, a total of 205106 animals were drowned in the flood out of which 68976 are large (cow, buffalo etc) and 136130 small animals (goat, sheep, etc). The government estimated Rs 5.853 compensation money Rs75,000 per large animal and Rs5,000 for a small animal. For large animals, Rs 5.173b compensation is needed and Rs 680.65m for small animals.

The government will need Rs 191 million for compensation to the families of those who perished in the flood Rs1m as a total of 191 people died due to floods in Punjab. Further, Rs 154.32m are required for 3858 flood injured people Rs40,000 per person.