Wednesday November 30, 2022

Comsats imparting quality education, says rector

September 10, 2022

ABBOTTABAD: Comsats University Islamabad Rector Prof Dr Tabassum Afzal has said that Comsats believed in the development of infrastructure to provide the best facilities to the


He said this as he met the faculty and senior officials during his visit to the Abbottabad campus. Addressing the heads of

different departments, he said the Abbottabad

campus was working hard and providing quality education.

“Our primary focus is self-sustainability. We are taking austerity measures to make ourselves sustainable. The best part of the activity is that we are developing our campuses with own resources,” he explained.

Earlier, he was welcomed by the director of Comsats University

Islamabad (CUI) Abbottabad campus Prof Dr Muhammad Maroof Shah along with officials and faculty members.

CUI, Abbottabad Campus Director Prof Dr Muhammad Maroof Shah assured the rector that he would improve the quality of education so that children from deprived areas can also lead Pakistan at the global level.

To meet the challenges, CUI Abbottabad plans,

in the coming years, to launch new programmes, he added.