Wednesday November 29, 2023

Soaring POL prices: Measures sought to promote cycling

By Bureau report
July 20, 2022

PESHAWAR: After an increase in the prices of petrol in recent weeks, people have asked the government to develop bicycle tracks on all the major roads to boost cycling.

The residents of the provincial capital said that the roads, which had enough space, should have bicycle tracks for those who want to enjoy cycling.

“There is enough space on the Ring Road from Hayatabad to Kohat Road, GT Road and Warsak Road. With simple road marking or by placing traffic safety cones, the government, the Peshawar Development Authority and the Traffic Police can dedicate separate tracks for cyclists in the left lane on both sides,” a local Shaukat Ali said. He added the same could be done on roads in Hayatabad, suburban Peshawar and many other parts.

In the next phase, the government can dedicate cycle tracks on roads in Saddar, University Road, City Circular Road and GT Road where it is possible so more people can use this cheap mode of transportation.

“Cycling is not only good for health and the environment but it is also more economical. Many would opt for it as a source of transportation once the government encourages it on roads as well as support the local industry to lower prices of bikes,” said a resident of Peshawar, Arshad Khan.

He said the prices of cycles have gone up in recent months due to inflation and depreciation of the rupee and only local industry can provide cheap and quality cycles.

“Most of the developed and developing countries encourage cycling. I have been to Europe recently and people use bikes while going to offices, schools, colleges and markets. Even the delivery boys use cycles instead of motorbikes as these are eco-friendly and good for one’s health,” said Mohammad Tahir.

He said small initiatives could bring about a revolution that would help protect the environment and encourage youth to go for this healthy activity.